NEW: Scorpiona’s Sea Moss infused Hunny Honey scent massage beauty bar



Introducing Scorpiona’s New, absolutely delicious smelling sea moss infused massage bristle beauty bars! This sea moss soap comes in 4 different relaxing scents. I call them My favorite word.
*Hunny Honey😍 yes Hunny
*Peachy Sweet
*Sea blue fresh and
*Wine me down

Honey is the perfect ingredient for your skin.

More often than not, certain skin conditions can only be treated by means of addressing internal health. It’s incredibly rare to find the best soap for your skin that can treat certain conditions, and we know that kind of trouble!

In addressing acne, eczema, and other types of skin irritations, we’ve formulated the “Hon-T” Sea Moss Soap with the necessary antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory components that can help speed up the skin’s healing process.

Skin treatment is a tricky subject that especially needs a professional’s advice. You may rest assured, however, that this product was made with the expert knowledge necessary to help with your skin’s health.
• Lock in moisture for faster healing. The healthy amount of glycerin content serves to lock in the moisture of the skin. This moisture encourages collagen production that speeds up the healing process for your skin. Let your skin glow! With infused antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties from the turmeric, lead your skin to a healthy glow!

• Feel lighter! The healthy components work together through moisture and cleansing to reduce the effects of skin conditions like acne and eczema. Feel at ease with the steady improvement in your skin!

• For gentle repair. It’s especially difficult to get around fresh wounds when bathing or washing. With the gentle formulation of this product, feel safe that you’ll still find comfort even when cleansing.

All soaps come with a “Natural” Exfoliating soap saver pouch.

The drawstring design enables you to hang your soap on the bathroom wall conveniently.

Hang your bar soap after use, and the soap is able to dry quicker, which will make soap last longer.

Soap saver pouch made from natural sisal material, suitable for producing foam and releasing soap fragrance

Soap: 4.5-5oz

Exfoliating pouch: 9x14cm / 3.54×5.51 in

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Honey Hunny

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