Honey Peach Calendula Sea Moss Beauty Bar


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Honey and Shea infused with sea moss powder, floral notes of calendula, and topped with dried calendula flowers. Enjoy a blended scent of peaches and honey. Soothes eczema and treats wounds.

  • Calendula flowers: has healing properties that work to restore and rejuvenate skin health.
  • Sea moss powder: bursting with vitamins and minerals that work toward hydration, a radiant appearance and provides a light exfoliation targeting blemishes and dark spots. It also contains vitamin c which is responsible for healing spots from overexposure to the sun.


  • Honey glycerin and Shea butter bases work together to moisturize the skin, fight skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis, as well as protect against harmful UV radiation from sun exposure.

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