A Night Out Sea Moss Beauty Bar


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A coconut milk, hemp oil base made with activated charcoal and sea moss powder. The perfect soap to start your evening. Just grab your suit and tie after your shower.  Perfect for date nights and events.

Coconut Milk contains high levels of vitamin C that aids in flexibility and elasticity of the skin. It prevents wrinkles, age spots and sagging of skin.

Hemp oil soap base contains gamma-linolenic acid GLA) which is an anti-inflammatory while promoting skin growth and new cell formation. It calms inflammation and assists with conditions like psoriasis while moisturizing the skin. Also contains anti-aging properties. The linolenic and oleic acids can’t be produced naturally by the body but are essential to skin health and anti-aging.

Sea moss powder deep cleanses the skin. Sea moss detoxifies while softening and replenishing minerals to the skin.

Activated Charcoal detoxes and purifies the skin. Exfoliates without removing the natural oils of the skin. Tightens skin, while removing harmful bacteria. Targets acne and evens the skin tone.

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