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In the beauty industry, no one wants to ‘just survive’ in the business. Today, in a saturated market, it is onerous more than ever to get your clients coming back. Whoever offers the most promising and wholesome package might have more chances to make their mark. But in the exigent times, is it all you need to keep your sales projecting upward?

In the year 2020, most salon owners had to shut down their businesses because they were unprepared for what was to come. The operational realities took a 180-degree turn after Covid-19, shaking things up for most salon and hair businesses. That was when hair businesses with poxy marketing couldn’t survive and had to say adios to their dream.

As this year gets into the groove, it is ideal to revisit your marketing strategies and make some fine adjustments to the entire plan. For all you know, there might be a hidden opportunity to soar your revenues.

    1. Amp up your space

Does your salon have an empty wall? If yes, decorate it, add colors, wallpapers or paint something abstract, add a hashtag of your salon’s tagline, install a mirror, or maybe a mini bike. Make your space your client’s comfort place, posing and flaunting their new haircut with your tagline in the background. Now imagine them uploading these pictures on their social handles and the number of free promotions your salon may be getting.

  1. Pass a referral flyer

Beauty brings people closer, especially women who have a knack for developing friendly bonds. If you try to recall the last time you got a haircut, you might also remember the hairstylist talking you up; sounds familiar? It’s one of the strategies to build goodwill with prospective customers, which helps make a comfortable space to share a referral flyer at the end of their session. To take it up a notch, those flyers can come up with little incentives! Such as offering a free head or neck massage, and just like that, the ball of marketing can be in your court.

  1. Loyalty programs

Customer loyalty is something to be cherished and rewarded. It’s one of the most beneficial ways of marketing your hair business – we all know customers love a little extra effort. Once, let’s say, a customer has crossed 10 visits, reward them either with a free product or a mini service. Ensure the system is automated to avoid any chaos, glitches, and mishaps because forgetting one customer can tarnish your image. Words travel around like fire!

  1. Blogging – another way to go!

To promote your salon among the masses, blogging is always the top option. To put yourself in the spotlight, you have to leave your comfort zone and leap forward. Even if writing isn’t your strong suit, you can either watch some tutorials or hire freelance writers to assist you with phenomenal ideas and beef up your blogs using your knowledge of hair and styling. Having your website will increase your credibility and attract more customers.

  1. Social Media Game

Social media presence is essential for running a successful business since we live in the modern era where almost everything is digitalized. It’s the new norm, and every business owner is spending millions of bucks to establish their persona amongst the big guns. If you wish to be known for your haircuts, invest in social media, inaugurate new ideas, and capture the potential customer’s attention.

Got a new product? Post them on Facebook

Launching a new branch? Begin the surprise countdown on Instagram

Tried a new hairdo? Hashtag it on Twitter!

  1. Get them Influencers!

Capturing an influencer’s attention is a great marketing strategy since they are savvy business people with a strong profile and thousands of followers who can drive more traffic to your website. Browse your social media and reach out to the influencers; some will work on trade exchange. All you have to do is give them a free product or service; in return, they will review you on social platforms.

scorpiona hair

Deciding on ways to flourish your hair business is something, as an owner, you should think about more often as there are various options out there in the street, and you want people to be ringing your doorbell.

Simply be your best self, establish an online presence, and market yourself without shame. These points shall grow your sales!

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