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Running businesses today has evolved from being a simple exchange of commodities to an intricate science. It is necessary that the business delivers not just a perfect product but unparalleled values and customer experience on all fronts.

Customer experience has one simple goal; to make the customer feel valued and important and ensure they get their money’s worth. Achieving this goal, however, is far from simple.

While there is a multitude of factors to keep in scope, here are the basics – a “must-do” to elevate your customer experience for your hair business.

Build a strong communication system

The market today is intense. Even the hair and beauty business, once a small fraternity, is now growing in competition.

To maintain a lasting relationship with your customers, you must establish a strong communication channel. For example, if you run a hair salon, you must maintain a messaging service that might notify your customers of upcoming appointments. If you sell hair and beauty products, you can opt for an email marketing service that notifies you of the best deals for your customers. This will not only offer your clients convenience but also assist your business in establishing a seamless communication channel with them.

Make your commitment count

Trust and reliability will always stay in vogue.

Always ensure that you keep a tab on your resources and your commitments. Never over-commit and overburden your resources.

For example, if you sell hair extensions, ensure that your inventory can cater to the number of orders before piling on the orders. Also, ensure that your delivery channel is prompt enough to deliver on the time your business commits.

Furthermore, ready a backup or an immediate apology if you cannot take on an appointment in your salon or are out of an item to deliver and offer quick compensation. This can help ease off clients’ vexation and inconvenience, establishing you as a client-centric and responsible business.

Pour in thought and consideration

A business like a hair or a beauty business is one where you can practice being a little personal with the client. Not to imply that you can be intrusive or prying, but these businesses allow for a more mano-mano interaction with the clients. Capitalize on that.

Make sure you offer your client something that is exclusively suited or preferred by them. For example, you can offer customized packages or suggestions for buying colored wigs or styles that might suit their complexion or face cut. Even offering a beverage of their liking will leave a lasting indelible impression that might make you the clients’ favorite hair salon.

Offer complimentary services

Free is fun.

This one is best suited for salons and barbers but can be used by everyone in the hair industry. Offering complimentary services adds to the customer’s experience. The idea is to make the client feel catered to and taken care of. For example, you can offer free hair oil or a special wire wig brush with the wigs you are selling.

With complimentary services, not only can you offer something extra to the client you can engage them and save a little time. Engaging the client rather than letting them sit idle sets a professional tone and sends a message that you care for your client on all fronts.

Ask for customer reviews

Happy customers are the best advertisement.

There is nothing people believe more than the words and testimonies of their friends and family. Make sure your hair business has a ready and convenient customer review system.

Multiple ways can be looked into. You can offer an on-station customer review option, ask for reviews manually on forms or ask your customers to leave a review on your website or social media pages. This also involves the client and conveys that their suggestions and inputs are valuable.

The positive feedback can be broadcasted to garner more clients and customers, while the negative ones can be used to gain more customer insights and help you identify the areas that need work.

Also, make sure that you reply promptly to the reviews left by your customers. Express gratitude for the good ones and guarantee to make amends for others. This responsiveness is translated as professionalism and will establish you as a business that values its customer’s opinions and prioritizes their needs above everything else.

scorpiona hair

The hair business industry is booming. An industry that once catered to a small group of mostly young people is now expanding into all age groups. There has been an unprecedented increase in people aged 60 and above opting for anti-aging and graying hair products. The industry stands at a remarkable 80.81 Billion dollars, with a growth rate of 6.6% in the forthcoming eight years. This shows that there are a lot of markets to capitalize on, and with the right maneuvers, anyone with a small hair business can establish themselves as the next global giant.

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